Dolphin Night Lights / Dolphin Suncatchers

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This Lithophane Dolphin Translucent Procelein Night Light by artist David Delamare is hand crafted in the U.S.A. First invented in France in 1827, a Lithophane ("Vision In Stone") is a porcelain engraving that virtually comes a...
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Little touches like this piece can really personalize and warm a home or work area. This pretty Dolphin Sun Jewel Sun-catcher uses hand painted glass and hanging jewels to connect with your playful and spiritual side. Make a ro...
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Experience the beauty and elegance of this three-dimensional dolphin motion lamp. This exclusive piece will be brightening up your living corners with ever enchanting charm and inspiration. When you turn on the switch, you will...
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This stunning Oval Dolphin Sun Catcher will bring a unique and artistic addition to your home or office. Sun Catchers continue to be a popular choice for gifts. This colorful glass is bright and warming when placed near a windo...
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Set of 4! Stained Glass Nautical Nightlights in four assorted designs. These exclusive nightlights are made out of stained glass with a stunning detail finish. Handcrafted with the finest details and materials, this piece of fu...
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