Giraffe Sculpture

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This "Triumvirate" (three leaders) Giraffe Family Sculpture features detail and craftsmanship that are unparalleled. You are sure to find this exclusive art piece as your treasure trove of unique gifts and decorative accents. T...
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This unique and stunning Giraffe Mama and Baby Sculpture is sure to be loved and admired by all. Each piece in the Patina Collection starts its life as a clay sculpture, and is then cast in brass using the lost wax technique, t...
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This Resting Giraffe Sculpture is individually bronze plated with the finest quality and detail. The sculpture is meticulously crafted by hand ensuring this piece is of exceptionally fine detail as well as lasting durability. D...
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Our artists capture the spirit of the wild and bring it into our homes with beautiful artworks like this. This stunning mother & baby giraffe leaded crystal glass sculpture will brighten up your living room or office with c...
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These stunning Giraffe Family Sculptures are meticulously crafted by hand to ensure the finest details and quality. The exquisite design will certainly complement and enhance the beauty of your home or office. A beautiful piece...
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