Mermaid Lucite Sculptures

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Experience the beauty and elegance of this Dancing Mermaid Lucite Sculpture. This exclusive piece will brighten up your living areas with ever enchanting charm and inspiration. Whether it is your first piece or one of many in y...
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This beautiful Mermaid Holding Pearl Lucite Sculpture is hand crafted and painted from frosted acrylic resin. This fabulous artwork is finished to the finest detail. A unique accent of design for your home or office. Makes a gr...
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This Mermaid Riding Dolphin Lucit Sculpture is a three dimensional work of art. It expresses an idea and feeling, beautifies, inspires and enhances our living environment. The detail and craftsmanship is unparalleled, intricate...
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With the advent of the new Millennium, enters the most creative and exciting sculptures of this New Generation - the NeoLucite Collection. Experience the power of Neon Blue that gently whispers to your soul. At night or under b...
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