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Each of these Sea Turtle Sall Statue pieces is hand painted and unique. There are 2 sizes available, 16" by 12.5" and 8" by 6.5". There are 6 colors for each style. You can pick out the same colors for the same size turtles or ...
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This beautiful Duo Sea Turtle Sculpture is handcrafted to the finest detail. The turtle figurine is detachable from the wooden base so that you can place the turtle figurine on the base, or remove the base and just use the figu...
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*FREE SHIPPING* Christian Riese Lassen's visionary images speak volumes about his deep reverence for the planet Earth and his respect for the harmony of life found in nature. This Christian Riese Lassen Sea Turtle Clock comes a...
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Set of 3 Turtle Sculptures! These high quality sea turtle mini-sculptures are made of solid pewter with the finest detail finish. They can be used as a collectible or paper weight. A great gift for any turtle lover! Pewter, 2 i...
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